Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Inspiration

For my husband's birthday this past June, we started our summer with a weekend trip to NYC.  I was just getting over my first case of poison ivy (that's another story altogether) and a little on the miserable side.  Since I was uncomfortable in the heat but trying to be a good sport, we spent most of our time inside museums: the Expressionist print show at the MoMA on Saturday and the Cloisters on Sunday.  I loved the print show, since it reminded me of part of our honeymoon in Vienna, but the gorgeous pottery and tapestries at the Cloisters really spoke to me... sounds corny, I know, but the patterns, designs and intricate details on each piece made my jaw drop.  To think they were created centuries ago is amazing.  I think they might inspire some new pottery designs for me this winter.... take a look!

pottery pitcher and platter in the background

flower detail of a tapestry

more flower details

a meadow of flowers - my favorite
This is a horrible photo, but it shows the whole tapestry with all the detailed flowers.  Who doesn't like a fenced-in unicorn?

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