Monday, June 25, 2012

More San Fran photos!

view across the vineyard, Napa
 To refresh your memory, I was lucky enough to take a trip to San Francisco with my friend Heather this past Memorial Day weekend.  Here are more photos from our awesome adventure...
Heather sampling some vino at Bell Cellars

vats and bottles at Bell Cellars - their wine was unbelievable! I highly recommend reserving a tasting time here.

Giant redwood at Muir Woods

funny loaves of sourdough bread at Boudin Bakery

highly fragrant sea lions at Pier 39 (really?)

 We had no clue it was the 75th birthday weekend of the Golden Gate bridge when we booked our trip.  What great luck - stuff like this never happens to me!  The Sunday of the long weekend was the big day of celebrations.  Heather and I didn't venture too far into the festivities (neither of us are fans of crowds) but we got together with some friends of hers who were in town - another odd coincidence! It was a fun night hanging by the bridge, drinking wine and waiting for the fireworks, even though it seemed unseasonably cold (coming from 75 degrees and sunny in Boston, to 50 and dank in San Fran, which I learned wasn't unseasonable. ) Here are some bridge photos.  I was too entranced by the fireworks to snap any photos of them!  Oh well... memories...

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