Friday, February 11, 2011

The Weekend!

The company I work for doesn't recognize President's Day this Monday, but I'm still excited for the weekend. 

I'm going to work on some new pieces on Saturday while I'm at Made by Me, in Cambridge.  If you're looking for something fun to do on Saturday between 4 - 9 pm, come visit.  One of the perks of working there (even part-time) is that I can work on my pottery, on the job.  Of course there are other job-related responsibilities, but the bonus is sitting & painting. The plan is to work on a serving set for a friend of mine and maybe make a few more plate & bowl sets. 

On Sunday, the husband and I are going to the "Cabin Fever" SoWA craft fair (Sunday, February 13, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm), featuring some amazing New England artisans.

A few of my favorite Etsy crafts-people will be there.  I'll be a goofy dork and tell them I'm a big fan - again.   Here are some of the talented shop owners:
I love this bunny necklace.  My husband surprised me with one the first time we discovered Looka Jewelry at a Christmas craft fair in Worcester.  If you like rabbits, ants, envelopes, fonts or beautifully designed and delicate jewelry, you'll love Looka.
Talk about gorgeous, hand-thrown porcelain.  There are so many beautiful pieces, I couldn't decide which picture to use.  The bright, glossy pomegranate vase, the pretty pink heart nesting bowls or the adorable love birds Valentine magnet - you can't go wrong with any!  On the right are the Red in White Nesting Bowls set.
Stella Marie's soap is a favorite of mine.  The soaps are beautifully fragranced - never overwhelming; they have a thick lather; and they are great moisturizers - my skin feels so soft without lotion!  I also love the body scrubs to keep my skin smooth and soft in the winter.
Jeweler AG Ambroult creates beautiful, organically-inspired pieces in unique textures and metals.  Many necklaces have sculptural, circular wire designs.  Her dramatic earrings can be worn on their own.  This luminous copper ring would make an eye-catching neutral accessory.
I love the whimsical pieces bg2770 design creates. The vibrant colors and bold designs brighten any room.  They make me think of spring!  I have  their calendar and it's really helped me through this awful winter!

There are a ton of other amazing crafters on the line-up for Cabin Fever.  My fantastic husband said I can pick out my V-day present there.  Can't wait! 

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