Thursday, April 7, 2011

my new iPhone

Last Friday I bit the bullet and bought the new iPhone 4.  For a while I had been poo-pooing iPhones and their seemingly crazy, obsessive fans.  I was comfortable with the buttons on my Blackberry.  Being a tactile person, feeling the buttons under my fingers was familiar to me.  I couldn't imagine using a touch-screen and not having as much control - or so I thought. 

When we were away on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I tried using my husband's iPhone.  We navigated with it, found restaurants, and looked up activities.  The ease of use amazed me, as well as the sensitivity of the touch-screen.  My fingers weren't too clumsy to type, as I thought they would be.  So, instead of getting a new Blackberry when my contract was up for renewal, I indulged in an iPhone.  (I am also planning to use it for credit card sales via the MerchantWARE app.) 

Since I've brought it home, I haven't been able to stop playing with it!  Never did I think I'd be so excited about a gadget.  I'm so low-fi, I thought all the apps and features would be confusing.  Not yet!  I've downloaded some apps, watched some YouTube vids and created radio stations on Pandora.  It's so awesome!  Last night I splurged and bought the Hipstamatic app.  For those of you who already have iPhones, you're probably thinking to yourselves - big whoop.  But if you're familiar with my Etsy shop, you may have noticed my merch photos.  I really love taking pictures and making them look pretty.  Hipstamatic does that for you.  While I will continue to take my pottery photos with my regular camera, I took some test shots with my iPhone just for kicks.  What do you think?

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