Saturday, April 2, 2011

You always remember your first time...

In this case, I'm talking about my first craft show.  Considering it was the eve of April Fool's and the forecast predicted a snow storm - which I thought was a joke in itself - it was a great experience.  From 7 to 9 Thursday night, I sold my wares at the Pamper Yourself party held at the Sandy Burr Country Club in Wayland.

After driving in painfully slow rush hour traffic and pelting freezing rain, I arrived later than planned and not in the best mood.  Walking in the door, as my boots sunk into the plush oriental rug, the first thing I noticed out of the corner of my eye was the flicker of flames in the fireplace.  The chill of the weather started to melt away. 

My mother, who is a veteran craft show vendor from back in the 80s, agreed to assist my husband and me.  Arriving first, she went in early to stake out my designated area.  She waved us over to an empty table right by the fireplace and the food/bar station.  It was a perfect spot.  My stress from driving in stop-and-go traffic after a frantic quarter-end at my day job began to fade. 

Since I arrived later than planned, we unpacked my bags as quickly as possible and set up the table.  I hadn't experimented at home the different ways I could set up my display.  Why would I do that?  Prepare ahead of time?  Who, me?  Thankfully my mother had lent me some plate stands and display risers so we had some different ways to show my pottery.  Always prepared, my mother also brought her camera to document the event.  (I think the fact that she's a grandmother now is the real reason she always has her camera with her.  My niece and nephew are freaking adorable.) 

I had very low expectations for the night solely based on the weather.  A slushy Thursday night.  If I didn't have these plans, I wouldn't have gone out myself.  But about half an hour after the starting bell rang (not really) the ladies starting pouring in.  The event was being hosted by the Wayland Parent and Children Association; lots of moms from town crowded around in groups, sipping wine and chatting.  Ladies lined up for chair massages and filled out tickets for the "spa day" raffle.  For sale there were aprons, handbags and candles; stationery, wallets and blankets made out of pretty fabric. I had quite a few visitors to my table, received many compliments on my work and made sales to two girlfriends who came (thanks Mary Ellen & Germaine!) and a stranger - who bought two mugs and commissioned two more.  While I didn't break any sales records, I covered the cost of participating and then some! 

It was a great first craft show experience, to repeat myself.  I found out people like my ice cream bowls, especially the red & light blue ones, the grey and yellow nesting bowls, my mugs and trivets.  Abby, the woman who invited me to be a part of the show, was so helpful throughout the whole process.  She even asked me back for next year!  I'll have to make sure it's not at quarter-end, though.  All in all, two thumbs up for the Pamper Yourself party at Sandy Burr.  I'm definitely ready for the trunk show coming up in TWO WEEKS!

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