Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around the House

My husband and I bought our condo in January 2009; we signed our lives away as Obama was being sworn into office.  A momentous day for all. 

tray on bedroom bureau
We were lucky that we didn't have to do much to the space when we moved in.  A lot of work had been done by the previous owners - primarily turning the top (third) floor into a master bedroom suite with big closets and sky-lights.  We love it!

soap dish, toothbrush holder and tray
I did change the color in the downstairs bathroom.  Originally it was a Bain de Soleil orange gelee color (remember that gross stuff in a tube from the 80s?)  Thankfully the walls weren't painted orange entirely.  There was a chair rail and beadboard nicely painted cream, which we kept.  The floor is really what won us over on the bathroom - gorgeous square stone tiles of varying colors of grey, orange, cream and light bluish. After spending much time with paint chips next to the floor - should I go grey? light aqua? all cream?  One Saturday, I spent the day painting the orange a calming light blue.  I couldn't believe the difference it made.  No longer was I spending my mornings in a dark, depressing, orange gelee bathroom.  I could now relax on the throne with a catalog in a tranquil early Spring morning blue haven.  My husband thought it was pretty great, too. 

spoon rest!
Once we settled into the condo - our first real place together - we haphazardly decorated, combining our stuff, trying to make it all work.  So far, so good.  I've been able to include some of my original painted items here and there, throughout the house.  I like it - hope you do, too.
tray on dining room table... yes, I like trays
bathroom detail...

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