Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I few posts back, I wrote about picking out my Valentine's Day present at the local craft fair, "Cabin Fever."  After much contemplation, I selected a custom, personalized necklace from jewelry designer, AG Ambroult.  It arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it!  I asked Amy (A of the AG) if she could make a monogram in the style of her "love" necklace.

I'd been wanting a monogrammed necklace since falling in love with the one my mother had when I was a kid back in the 70s.  Hers was a gold locket, on the large size, with an elaborately cursive monogram that covered one side and hung on a long chain. 

That's my childhood memory, at least.  It probably wasn't that big.  I wonder if she still has it.  Next time I'm at her house, I'll have to raid her jewelry collection.  Hey, that would be fun anyway.  My mom turned me on to jewelry at a young age and I'm still drawn to sparkly things and decorative "accessories."  I think that's what I like so much about painting pottery; I want to add something pretty to someone's room.   Like a great necklace with the perfect top. 

Amy was great to collaborate with, putting together a rough sketch on the fly.  I wanted something classic yet unique and unexpected.  At first we weren't going to have the brackets and then added them in the end.  I love the doodle-y looking design. 

I tried taking a self-portrait wearing the necklace, but I couldn't get the right angle and my arms aren't long enough.  I'd ask the husband, but he's sick in bed.  So... on the desk it is.  Isn't it pretty?  I like that the initials are me & the biz - either way, or both.  Also, it looks especially cute with several of my tops. 

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