Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More new pieces for Spring!

Soap pump - in my new Ho-Jo's inspired design & colorway

Ho-Jo snack set: funky triangle plate and bowl

Close-up of detail 

Ho-Jo snack set in alternate colorway

Aerial view

Ho-Jo snack set from another angle
Remember Howard Johnson's?   Not just a restaurant and not just a motel. The distinctive orange, sloped roof of the restaurant, topped with a turquoise spire.  Inside you'd find all-American favorites like grilled cheese, meatloaf, tuna salad and orange sherbet.  Thinking about it now is bringing back memories from summers in the 70's on Cape Cod - crossing the Bourne Bridge and spying the orange and turquoise as we crested the bridge's peak and headed toward our vacation destination, hoping my parents would let us stop for ice cream.  Such simple times back then, it seemed...  Anywho, that's what inspired me to create these new pieces.  Well, that, and seeing a recent episode of Mad Men that featured Ho-Jo's.

I created the snack sets thinking they'd be nice for serving hors d'oeuvres in non-mammoth portions.  To go off on a tangent a bit, I've been reading so much lately about the war on obesity.  This is not a new problem in America, but it seems like portion control and eating food that's closer to where it came from (e.g., local fruits and veggies rather than a chemical-laden Twinkie that could survive the Apocalypse) could help solve the problem.  With that in mind, I thought why make a giant serving set?  Why not do my share to help and make some smaller-sized pieces to encourage smaller portions?  Right?  You're welcome.

I had some issues color-correcting these photos.  The turquoise is all the same color, though it doesn't look like it here.  The top two pictures are the most accurate, color-wise.  The orange, in real life, is a warm, cantaloupe color.  Hopefully your monitor will show the shades in a more uniform tone.  Maybe I will re-edit and re-post, since I have so much free time.  Yeah, okay.

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