Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's so cliche, but once warm weather is here, I'm ready to unclutter the stacks of junk mail and magazines that have piled up in my office, wipe the baseboards clean of dust and cat hair, and tackle any sort of spring-cleaning-organizational-type project.  Put those wool sweaters in a plastic bin in the basement and bring out the terracotta planters for the back-porch tomato plants.  Spring is here and let's get it together!  (And summer's less than a month away, I'm realizing... must pick up the pace!)

With uncluttering and re-organization being the mission this time of year, consider some adorably stylish and perhaps unexpected storage accessories: soy dishes.  That's right, those cute little dishes you might find at a sushi bar also make for great desk-top or kitchen organizers.  Store paper clips, spare buttons, fancy sea salt, loose change.... the options are endless.  I have a few in my desk drawers that hold some stamps, earrings and rubber bands. 

Spring cleaning is a little more fun when you have something cute to stick your junk in, don'tcha think?  Available this weekend in my Etsy shop.

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